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"When you accumulate virtue with continued practices, you do not see the good of it, but in time it will function. If you abandon right and go against truth, you do not see the evil of it, but in time you will perish." - A Zen saying

We live values

Intellects stands for five core values;


Passion Is our first and the most cherished value - the key to a more fulfilling life

We long for passion in life and business management. Both life and business are a blend of reality and fantasy. The Present is reality; the Future is fantasy. When the heart is filled with sagacity and the mind with purity of thoughts, passion becomes the fuel for life-energy.

‘I do what I like' is good. ‘I like what I do' is great. We do our assignments with a passion and energize others along the way.

We strongly believed what Martin Luther King Jr. had said once “If you are called to be a street sweeper, sweep streets even as Michelangelo painted, or Beethoven composed music, or Shakespeare wrote poetry. Sweep streets so well that all the host of heaven and earth will praise to say, “Here lived a great street sweeper who did his job with passion.”


What is Passion?

Passion is the ‘Whisperings of your Soul' reached to the Mind via your Heart
I believe that every soul when incarnated into human body makes a covenant with the ‘Cosmic Soul' that it would do something very ‘passionate' to the mankind. When the soul comes in touch with ‘Material World', the person forgets the committed promise. Therefore, the soul reminds. We gave a word to this reminder as ‘Passion'.

Why is Passion important?

Obeying to the ‘Call of your Soul' is the most important obligation in any lifetime.

What should we be Passionate about?

One should be passionate about all that ‘soothes' the Heart and ‘heals' the Soul.

Passion @ Work?

Enjoy what you do. Follow what Kahlil Gibran, a Sufi of Lebanon says: “If you cannot work with passion but only with distaste, it is better that you should leave your work and sit at the gate of the temple and take alms of those who work with passion”

What we can do to be a Passion-driven organization?

A Passion-driven organization must tap and make creative use of the untapped human potential viz.emotional and spiritual energies of its people. Discover the ‘purpose of being'; give meaning to Organization and make people your partners. The way to make people your partner is to meaningfully engage them in either improving the Present or creating the Future in pursuit of the ‘meaning' -- the Purpose of being.


People First is our second but the most honored value - "the key to a more committed life".

'Knowledge Management' is the seat of Intellects. Our products and services stay with our people. Our real assets are not fixed; talent is our real asset

We follow the great 3 P model as our one of the core values;

  • People first
  • Product next
  • Profit last


Value for Money is our third but the most committed value - the key to 'customers' delight

'Value for money' to our clients is the touchstone of our business ethics. ‘Giving better value for money to our clients' remains our prime concern.

'Customer care' is our delight. 'Customer care' through 'Moments of Truth' is the central tenet of our business philosophy.

We focus our efforts and decision-making on our clients, not by their 'capacity to pay' but by their 'happiness to pay'.

Pure relationship without 'quid-pro-quo' is our way of winning the hearts of our customers. Our relationship with customers is beyond the business-bonds.


Signature of Quality is our fourth but the most significant value - Quality is our recognition

  • Intellects means quality
  • Intellects is signature of quality
  • Quality is our identity

Quality of product, quality of services, quality of ‘guestology', quality of mannerism, quality of character, quality of integrity, quality of passion for work, quality of dress and appearance, quality of office and establishment -- ‘quality delivery' is all-inclusive. We give quality with passion.


Last but not the least - we shall thrive by beating every beaten track

Intellects stands to challenge the existing alternatives in consulting and training sector. Our ambition is to challenge the established domain dominated by the bookish people who give recipes to the clients by learning from the cook-books.

Intellects stands to challenge the 'status-quo' bureaucratized by the academic solution providers. We commit to innovate the consulting sector by breathing in real ‘professionalism' through networking with practicing managers. We commit to give a new flavor to this important segment of corporate sector

‘New Ways for New Age' is our USP


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