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Why Intellects ?

The heart at the workplace is broken and the soul of an organization is restive. The world is growing unfriendly and the environment hostile. How do you expect people to be loyal and committed, when they grow in broken houses and downsized organizations? Today, insecurity, fear, despair, resignation and pessimism are at an all-time high. The long wave that struck the corporate world has shown a unique tendency -- recession hitting the best of the talents, i.e. the committed and the loyal ones. It never happened before, so the need of such mission was never felt earlier.

Intellects exists for a purpose and stands for the core values.

What Driven Us ?

"Seek knowledge form cradle to the grave," emphasized Prophet Mohammad.
Seeking and spreading authentic knowledge with a purpose is Intellects' mission. Today business ideology is dominated by business character that has gone astray.

"More harm is caused to society by the inaction of good men than by the misdeeds of evil men," said Chanakya.
Intellects is the storehouse of knowledge and experience of public and private sector undertakings and management education. If we don’t share our experiences, our inaction will cause harm to the corporate sector.

Our Mission ?

Intellects is a Mission

Spread authentic knowledge to rectify Business Character that has gone astray in new age.

Our Vision ?

We dare dream high…

To grow as our client's preferred business solutions provider in the specific areas of values, creativity and human potential development.


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