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Training Forte of Intellects

‘Intellects’ exists with the support of industry to give support to the industry

Moid Siddiqui after acquiring a rich experience in industry and academics by serving public sector and private sector undertakings for more than three decades on senior and board level positions and working in management institutions/consultancy assignments for the past three years promoted ‘Intellects Biz’. We are, therefore, comfortable for conducting training programs on any management theme relating to soft skills covering both ‘Behavioral’ and ‘Managerial’ competencies. Nevertheless, we suggest the following themes:

I. Themes, Sub-themes and Training Modules:

II. Methodology & Training Kit:

Our methodology is ‘the fun way’. A blend of different methodologies such as ‘Musical flash show’, keynote and power point presentations, role-plays, case studies, film shows, group discussions, Quiz etc. ‘Intellects Biz’ has since been known for using very innovative kit with focus on fun, understanding, and excitement

Course Director

Moid Siddiqui served the industry for over three decades as HR Chief, Director (HR), and Executive Vice President (Human Potential Development) both in public and private sector undertakings viz., BHEL, NHPC, CCI, HMT, BEML, and Nagarjuna Group. To acquire consulting and facilitating competencies he joined the Centre for Organization Development as a professor and served over three years.
He has authored five books viz., ‘The Brave New Manager’, ‘Management Parables’, ‘Intangibles’, ‘Honk’, and ‘Soul Inc.’ He is the recipient of ‘AIMA’ Best Author Award 1996 for his book – ‘The Brave New Manager’, published by Tata McGraw Hill. His articles have been published in the journal of American Society for Training & Development (ASTD).

He has since floated his company ‘Intellects Biz’ to challenge the ‘status quo’ and the bookish consultants who dominate the domain of Corporate India just by learning the recipes from the cookbooks.

Moid Siddiqui has designed and conducted workshops in India and abroad on various themes for enhancing, motivating, and developing professionals for better output. His recent book, ‘Soul Inc’ teaches the art of managing from within with focus on ‘inside out’


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