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Moid Siddiqui is a unique blend who served the industry over 30 years as a practicing manager and over 3 years as a management educator. He is an HRDian who served both the public sector and private sector organizations -- BHEL, NHPC, CCI, HMT, BEML and Nagarjuna Group - as HR Chief, Director (HR) and Executive Vice President (HR). To acquire the consulting and facilitating skills he served the Centre for Organization Development (COD) as a professor.

He authored 9 Management Books and 6 on Spirituality. He is a recipient of 'AIMA' award 1995-96 as the author of ‘The Brave New Manager’ published by Tata McGraw-Hill and 'ISTD' award 2005-06 for his book 'Corporate Soul'. His articles were published in the professional journal of American Society for Training & Development.

He has floated his company ‘Intellects’ to challenge the status-quo and the academic consultants who dominate the consulting domain by learning the recipes from the cookbooks. “Those who fought the battles themselves should only teach the art of winning the battles and those who managed change should alone teach ‘How change is managed! ” This is his neat belief.

Intellects is a mission; Intellects is a challenge!



Mrs.  Fairina Siddiqui by qualification is an MBA, Marketing and by experience she manages the resources mobilization, Client care, and post-training analysis  at Intellects' HQ.  She forms the backbone in program designing and implementation.

She is widely travelled that adds to her experience. She occupies an important position on Intellec'ts board as Director Marketing.


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