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We shall provide HR & IR strategic support on Retainership basis to the companies who manage HR at middle or junior levels or where HR Manager reports to a non-HR VP/Director.

We shall provide HR Services as an HR Vendor to the companies who do not have HR structure or plan to go for HR Outsourcing fully or partially HR Outsourcing is a mega-trend

Gartner forecast that 'HR Outsourcing Services' in the Asia-Pacific would achieve a phenomenal growth from $1.14 billion in 1999 to $2.56 billion by the end of 2004. More interestingly India’s share stands 33.3% of the Asia-Pacific market. This means a market of $ 1billion is available right now

"HR Outsourcing"`Forecast Process in Asia-Pacific (US $ millions)

  1999 2004
Pay Roll 387.60 761.20
Benefits admn 285.00 535.65
Training & Dev. 182.40 555.99
Recruitment 137.94 347.98
Personnel Admn 82.08 167.16
Other HR functn 66.12 191.97
HR Total (in $ billions) 1.14 2.56

HR Outsourcing trend in India

Three models seem to be dominating the Indian scenario as per Gartner’s 1999 Study of BPO –
  • Outsourcing of complete functions – more prevalent among foreign companies that have established operations in India and small IT companies where HR activities are currently managed by non-professional manager/department.
  • Outsourcing of Strategic HR – where HR expertise is provided as an outsourced service rather than processing services, observed particularly among small and medium-sized companies that find difficulty in retaining skilled senior HR Professionals.
  • The outsourcing of HR processes including induction training payroll, medical claims and other benefits.

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HR Shared Services

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