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Who Will Bell the Cat?
A toolkit for Strategy Formation and Execution
(Response Books, SAGE - 2010)

Moid siddiqui, the author of book, “Who will bell the Cat?” begins the book by sharing his passion for the famous 'Bell the Cat' fable in these words:

The fable ‘Who Will Bell the Cat?’ has fascinated me since my childhood. Today, it has become my passion! The Mice held a meeting to plan how to free themselves from their arch enemy, the Cat. They wanted to be cautioned in advance to prevent being his prey. After several proposals, a Young Mouse stood up and said: ’I have a simple strategy that can work. All we have to do is put a bell to the cat’s neck. That way we can tell when he is coming.’ All the mice were excited to hear this brilliant idea.As they were rejoicing, an Old Mouse stood up and said, in the middle of their excitement, ‘But who will bell the Cat?’ The revelry suddenly ended and what followed was pin-drop silence. Why has this simple story become my passion as I grew up to be a corporate guy? Precisely because it is a simple story which asks thought provoking questions and teaches us many a lesson, namely, ‘Who will bell the Cat?’

This book is first of its kind which provides the toolkit to the managers about Strategy Formation’ as well as their execution.

The book skillfully expands on the above mentioned popular story. The author takes the reader through the various stages of strategic management using a lively narrative that parallels the fable. This book challenges business managers and management students to question long-held beliefs about strategic management and to think beyond the established norms. Embellished with thought provoking quotes by great thinkers, the lessons in the book are both easy to understand and practise.


Book price: Rs. 395/-

To place order, please contact:

Mr. Manoj V Neemkar
Sr. Asst. Sales Manager, Sage Publications India Pvt. Ltd.
P.B. No.131, Shop No. 31, L.B Stadium, Abids, Hyderabad – 500 001
Ph: 040-23231447 / 23230674, Cell: 9440689736


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