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Watch Your Ladder
Is it leaning against the right wall?
(Macmillan - 2010)

“Watch your Ladder” is a book about the reality of life. Most of us strive for vertical growth and go on climbing the ladder,, unmindful of which wall it is leaning against! We do not understand the simple saying of the Old Master, Lao Tzu: “Going up is coming down’.  We do not understand the richness of horizontal growth. This book is all about the realities of life simple truths.

“The book has happened to me,” says Moid Siddiqui. “Life whispered to me and I have simply given a figure of language to those whispers a holistic pattern.” People search success outside; success lies within.  The internal clarity provides solutions to external problems. Yet we look externally to find solutions.  We go on running. Why? Because everyone is running! Today most of us are no different from Kabir’s musk deer. Without knowing the right direction, we are speeding up in a mad rush chasing the shadow and stampeding others senselessly. Like the stupid musk deer we are running through the endless maze of glamour and physical lures. Most of us dry up in greed. Eventually when we climb up, we find the ladder was leaning against the wrong wall. Watch your ladder at each step, lest you regret the fag end of your life.


Book price: Rs. 195/-

Macmillan publishers India Ltd.


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