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The World Wakes-up to Islam
Adam Publications – 2009

Islam is the fastest growing religion in the world! It is not a view or an opinion – it is a fact, as good as our living bodies of flesh, bones and souls!

The world is waking up to Islam! It is time for getting up from the slumber. No much times is left – today we dwell in the Last Age. The Signs of the Last Hour can be seen by the organs of sight of those who rely little on the five sensory perceptions, but go beyond. He who lived the life shall face the death and, on the Day of Judgment, shall stand singularly before the Lord of lords to account for his or her faith and deeds. It is not going to be an easy trial as most of us think. Even Jesus Christ had prayed, “Oh God! Don’t put me to test for I shall not be able to bear up!”

It is a book of Dawah, but I am not asking you to embrace Islam without contemplating – no certainly not. I am asking you to embrace what your soul has been whispering to you, each moment, recognizing the Truth – One and Only. Touch your heart and listen to the whispers of your soul. Then, some miracle would take place and you will submit your entire self to Him. That total and unconditional submission to God is known as Islam – a religion of peace and tranquility. It doesn’t need conversion; it calls for awareness. Once your heart changes, you turn to Islam.

This book is not prescriptive for preaching Islam; this book is descriptive that describes Islam, as well as the changing trends across the spiritual world. Yesterday, Islam was an ‘ignored religion’ by the courtesy of western propaganda and media, dominated by Jewish people. Truth stands distinct from falsehood! As the phrase goes, You can fool some people for sometime, but not all the people all the time! The conspirators stand exposed –today one cannot ignore Islam any more.

Islam is a simple religion made complicated by some of its followers. I felt the need to explain Islam in simple words, and explain certain significant trends. Thus, this book!


Book price: Rs. 450/-

To place order, please contact:

Mr. Faruq Kakarzai (Public Relations Manager)
Adam Publishers & Distributors,
1542, Pataudi House, Darya Ganj,
New Delhi – 110002 (India)
Ph: 011 -23284740, 23282550;
Telefax: 011 – 23267510
Cell: 09810786952;

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