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The Return of Christ
Adam Publication – 2008

The three main Semitic religions, Judaism, Christianity and Islam, in their purest forms are related by a common belief in ‘One God’, the hereafter and the constant battle between good and evil. Besides these, there is another common factor, which most followers of these religions do not know – The return of Messiah. Jews are waiting for their Messiah, who has yet to come. But Christians and Muslims have a common faith about the return of Jesus Christ. Yet, there are many differences in the belief concerning Christ’s return. Irrespective of all these differences, the basic question remains – Are we prepared to receive Jesus Christ when he returns? This question is vital because Jesus Christ will return almost at the fag end of this temporal world, with little time remaining for mankind to prepare for the Last Hour.

Moid Siddiqui, a student of comparative studies of many religions, believes that the Last Hour is near and the Signs are clearly visible. As suggested by most religions of the world, we have already entered the Last Age. The main objective of this work is not to pick up holes, but to find the common thread that would lead to a common understanding of brotherhood. The Last Hour is approaching fast. It is time to shed away the differences and understand the truth. Jesus Christ will not come with any new faith; he will come to establish the kingdom of God – the One and Only.


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