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The Pygmalion Manager
A perfect leadership model for all times
(Prism Books – 2007)

This book is about the passion of Pygmalion, a Greece Prince and a great sculptor, who carves the statue of Galatea and falls in love with his own creation. He prays so passionately that God grant life to his ivory statue. Pygmalion Manager is all about creating ‘expectations’ and making his people to live up to them. ‘Pygmalion Effect’ stands to convey, ‘Get best from your people, and ‘Galatea Effects’ suggests, ‘Give best to your organization and boss’.

Both the roles of Pygmalion and Galatea matter for organizational excellence. A visionary leader must develop a clear vision and passionately take it to completion.

The books also deals with ‘Moments of Truth’, ‘Positive Discipline’, ‘Kundalini’, Power of ‘subconscious mind’, Placebo effect, and hosts of such concepts and techniques, which are important for a leader to manage in the new age.


Book price: Rs. 395/-

To place order, please contact:

Prism Books Pvt. Ltd.
# 1865, 32nd Cross, 10th Main,
BSK II Stage, Bangalore – 560 070
Ph: 080 – 26714108 / 26714060
Telefax: 080-26713979
Mr. Ravinder
Prism Books Pvt. Ltd.
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Beside Urdu Hall, Himayat Nagar, Hyderabad – 500 029
Cell: 9849033501, Ph: 23261869 / 23261828


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