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The Jews
The major flashpoint in the world politics
(Adam Publishers -- 2010)

“The Jews” will get you the comprehensive background of all the three Semitic Religions – Judaism, Christianity and Islam. This is first book of its kinds, which comprehensively covers both the aspects of Jews – their religious and political aspects with full historical background.

First of all the readers will understand the difference between the ‘Israelis’ and ‘Jews’. ‘Israel’ was the title earned by Prophet Jacob. His progeny is known as Israelis. One of the 12 sons of Prophet Jacob was Judas. Those who came from the bloodline of Judas are known as ‘Jews’.  Thus, all Jews are Israelis, but all Israelis are not necessarily Jews.

The most beloved race of God has fallen from great heights owing to their high-headedness and arrogance. God Himself calls the Jews as ‘Stiff-necked’ fellows, not once but many times in their own scriptures. There are many lessons for other people to learn from Jews – how have they fallen from glory to gloom and how are they cut down to the ground.

Nevertheless, the book is meant to promote amity and harmony amongst the people of Semitic religions, as well as people all other religions. “Means are of greater importance and significance than the ends,” concludes the author, “there is no right way to do a wrong thing!”

Book price: Rs. 350/-

Publisher's Addres: 
‘Adam Publishers & Distributors 1542, Pataudi House, Darya Ganj, New Delhi -2 (India)
Phone: +91-11-23284740 and +91-11-23282550

To place the order please contact:

Mr. Faruq Kakarzai (Public Relations Manager)
Adam Publishers & Distributors,
1542, Pataudi House, Darya Ganj,
New Delhi – 110002 (India).
Phone: 011 -23284740, 23282550
Telefax: 011 – 23267510
Cell: 09810786952
Email: /


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