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The Brave New Manager
A mindset for the 21st century
(Tata McGraw Hill)

In the world where conventional management theories no longer work, where there is need to constantly re-orient oneself to the new ground realities, the one individual who matters most is the MANAGER. The MANAGER is a powerful force, filled with creative energy and boundless wisdom. He works, leads and inspires. Yet, one finds in many spheres creativity, enterprise and integrity, muffled and somnolent.

A Mindset for the 21st Century is on empowerment, a key management issue. It has been authored by a human resources specialist who has several years of experience in ‘managing change’. A unique feature of the book is its simple narration and easy readability.

The author uses multicultural stories, Chinese and Indian parables, corporate success stories and his own unique experiential storehouse to:

  • Trace the roots of patriarchy in organizations, all the way back to the childhood.
  • Explain the process of suppression of the creative instincts and creation of conventional and conforming personalities.
  • Resulting in uninnovative work-places, systems and procedures that fetter and bind.

The book delves into myths and realities of corporate life and builds a fascinating model that would facilitate in understanding the true meaning of

  • An enlightened manager
  • Customer focus
  • Learning organization
  • Knowledge workers
  • Vision
  • Empowerment

Book price: Rs. 195/-


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