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In Search of Meaning
A Spiritual Perspective of Management
Foreword by Mr. N. Ramanuja
Prism Books Pvt. Ltd – 2011

The search of the meaning of Life is not about running away from the responsibilities and sufferings in this world but is a greater ‘desire’ to attain purity and eternity from real happiness – that is unlimited and unconditioned by cause, time and space. Real freedom and happiness that will last forever and remain unchanged is attained from realization of enlightenment which is whole and beyond the individual attributes. It is the sum total of the physical and spiritual experiences of students and seekers; a concept encompassing the culture and guidance from all aspects of Life, viz. the normal day to day communications, transactions, relationship with other human beings, nature and God, conduct of business, administration or the attainment of salvation.

Moid Siddiqui in his own way takes the same approach in this book by questioning the happenings, beliefs and events in business and social environments, and presents to us the right and noble practices in these contexts. He extends this approach further when  he talks about the need for ‘Management Monks’ keeping focus on the ‘How’ part of the business i.e., how to execute business strategies without compromising on ethical values.

Book price: Rs. 250/-

Prism Books Pvt. Ltd.


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