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Corporate Soul
The Monk within the Manager
(Response Books of SAGE - 2007)

This delightful and thought-provoking book is aimed at the new breed of managers who seek to blend professionalism with spirituality. Encapsulating the wisdom of the finest ancient schools of thought, Moid Siddiqui correlates them to key elements that define modern management.

Drawing from time-tested concepts in Chinese, Japanese, Greek, Indian, Islamic and Christian philosophy, he discusses:

  • Wisdom, what it is and how it applies in both life and business
  • The dynamics of looking beyond profit and creating value
  • Change, its inevitability and how to manage change while retaining stability
  • The importance and power of values, virtue and purpose in organizations
  • Business values and their importance in creating growth-focused and profitable organizations
Providing solutions for the new age from ancient wisdom, this is an invaluable and enriching read for scholars, managers, CEOs and students of business management.

Book price: Rs. 295/-

To place order, please contact:

Mr. Manoj V Neemkar
Sr. Asst. Sales Manager, Sage Publications India Pvt. Ltd.
P.B. No.131, Shop No. 31, L.B Stadium, Abids, Hyderabad – 500 001
Ph: 040-23231447 / 23230674, Cell: 9440689736


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