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Championing the Bosses

(Prism Books - 2013)

Published in the year 2013 by Prism Books, 'Championing the Bosses' is Moid Siddiqui's unique book on the art of championing the hearts of bosses. He has narrated 14 types of bosses and suggested various methods to win their hearts. "Bosses are not beta noire, yet many regard them as their adversaries," writes Moid Siddiqui. "Bosses too are human beings and like every human being, they also have their own likes and dislikes. What is needed is a bit of adjustment here and there -- a bit of tinkering!" 

Dr S Ramnarayan, Professor, Indian School of Business (ISB) in his Foreword writes, "Professor Moid Siddiqui gives valuable tips on what behaviours rob leaders of their effectiveness.  These are things that leaders should stop. They should stop focusing only on the negative aspects, evaluating in a manner that saps people of their energy and enthusiasm or being excessively preoccupied with blowing their own trumpet. Instead, the leaders should accentuate the positive, catch people doing right things, provide understanding, and be committed to won and others' learning." 

The purpose of this book is to help managers to build good relations with their bosses.  this book also aims to grant wisdom to Gotcha Bosses, suggesting many prescriptions and proscriptions to surmount their leadership deficits, which prevent them from attaining the Corporate Nirvana.

Price: Rs 225/- 

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Prism Books Pvt. Ltd.

#1865, 32nd Cross, 10th Main, BSK II Stage, Bengaluru - 560 070.



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