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Chicken Soup for Indian Spiritual Soul; Page # 82
“Repel the evil of another with your good deeds. You will see that the one with whom you had enmity will be your close friend.” (The Holy Qur’an: 41:34)

I hugged him in my imagination…’ the well-pitched and well-modulated voice of KS echoed in the conference hall of Fairmont Hotel in San Francisco. When KS speaks about spirituality, he always speaks from his heart.

The session was on ‘The Universe Within’. It was part of a ten-day spiritual convention on ‘Creating a Sustainable Compassionate Society and Culture of Peace’, where more than eighty per cent of the delegates were from the corporate world. The panel of experts that included both spiritual celebrities and renowned scientists, after sharing their thoughts, invited the participants to share some of their unique experiences on something unexplainable or unbelievable. K.S. Raju, chairman of the Nagarjuna Group, was the first to get up and share his unique experience.

When KS speaks, he seems to fall into a trance; each word that comes from him strikes directly at the heart of the listeners. There was silence.

 ‘I am an entrepreneur and I manage a small group of enterprises called Nagarjuna, in India,’ KS began. ‘Due to some policy interpretation, a senior bureaucrat withheld a huge amount of money and my every argument with him went unheard. Even before hearing me out, he would look at his watch, making it evident that he was waiting for the allotted time to be over. It was quite a painful experience and I gave vent to my frustrations in private. Then something strange happened.’ He paused – a long pause. Then KS turned and looked at his daughter.

 ‘One fine morning, Laxmi, my daughter, made me realise that what I was doing was not my natural way. She explained that, maybe, the bureaucrat was carrying out his dharma, the duty allotted to him! Why should I feel bad about him if my logic didn’t appeal to him? Both of us were looking at the same issue from different perspectives.’ KS turned to the panel of experts and looked directly into their eyes. He was absolutely calm and the people were eager to hear more from him.

‘Then a miracle happened!’ KS started after a brief pause. ‘The awareness created by my daughter brought me back to my senses. I started loving the bureaucrat and hugging him in my imagination. In my prayers I prayed for his well-being. I filled pure love for him in my heart. And when the time came for the next meeting after a month, I greeted him with pure warmth and, at first he looked into my eyes and made some personal inquiries that were really soothing to me. Then he patiently heard my viewpoint without looking at his watch this time. I took more time than was allotted. After hearing me fully, he said, ’Mr Raju, it makes a lot of sense to me. I will send my team to review the matter and let me then see what I can do to resolve it.’ When the meeting was over, he got up and came to the door and shook my hand with unprecedented warmth. The matter was soon resolved.

‘Hug the guy in your imagination if you want to create a pure relationship without any selfish motives. Generate positive vibrations to drive out negativity,’ he concluded, and people began to get up spontaneously to give him a standing ovation.

Jesus Christ said: ‘If someone strikes you on one cheek, turn to him the other also. ‘Buddha’s thoughts are no different when he says, ’Negativity cannot be countered with negative thoughts.’ According to Hindu philosophy, ‘Good (positive) deeds produce good results and bad (negative) deeds produce bad results.’ So, be positive in thoughts and actions and, for sure, the results will be positive. All scriptures say this. We read them but do not trust our own scriptures.

The power of a pure relationship is immeasurable. Just hug in your imagination and you will find the bonds of relationships getting strengthened. The only way to drive away the negative waves is by creating positive waves of thoughts. Hug even your enemy in your imagination and you will find foes turning into friends.

You cannot hug in your imagination without loving someone, without having good feelings for someone. It is such a powerful process! I have learnt the art of living and developing pure relationships – managing from within!

Relationships are nurtured by taking care of others. When you do so, you are already taken care of by the unseen. This is what Ralph Waldo Emerson meant by his famous words: ‘It is one of the most beautiful compensations of life that no man can sincerely try to help another without helping himself.’

Hug your enemies in your imagination and turn them into your friends.

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