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The Language of Sense and Soul Moid Siddiqui,
Managing Director, Intellects Biz

‘What is the Language of Sense and Soul?’

I got up with this senseless question. I tried to put it off, but the question came back more forcefully, as it happens when you try to pull away the rubber band and leave it. It comes and hits you more forcefully.

I remembered what happened when I was going to bed last night…

…The previous night I had got the response of my email from Ms Jasmine of UK (not her real name). In my mail I had made certain queries about her supernatural ‘psychic power’, that appeared in the press. It was mentioned in the news that her psychic power was so strong that when she wanted to know truth, the electric bulb started flickering on the correct name or identity. The supernatural ‘psychic power’ came to her knowledge when once she was playing a tune on piano, the favorite tune that her grandma used to play! It appears that the lights started flickering, as if they were dancing rhythmically on the melodious tune. When she paused, the lights became normal. When she played the tune on piano again, the lights started flickering once again. Her Aunt, who was watching the happening, fainted.

Since I was doing some sort of minor research on ‘Sense and Soul’ in the context of business management, the news possessed me. The newspaper also indicated her email id, and it was quite convenient for me to reach out to her. She responded to my mail almost after a week. She claimed that her psychic power has gone that strong that most of the time souls centre around her and keep on talking to her. Her real frustration was that most of the time she didn’t understand the language the souls were using while talking to her. I was very excited to receive the mail and her experience about sense and soul – her psychic power and conversations with the spirits. The whole night I couldn’t sleep, Jasmine’s ghosts were haunting me in my dreams. And when I got up, the funny question started whacking on my head…

…‘What is the language of Sense and Soul?’

I started thinking. It is always better to begin with the ‘known’ to discover the ‘unknown’. What is known is ‘language’. ‘What we really understand by language?’ I shot the first question. And the answers started appearing.

Language, written, verbal and non-verbal, is a physical mode of communication – one can physically read, hear or see. However, its understanding depends on one’s perception and capability.

Language is an important mode of communication but unfortunately it is not that all-comprehensive! It can explain the explainable but can’t depict. It suffers from many a limitation. Yes, poetry can depict to a better extent. Poetry is a better form of communication through words. It is fuzzy and has the riches of vagueness. Vague is not easy to understand. Therefore poetry is less popular mode of communication, as it is less understood. It is not quite easy to understand the lyrics! And then, there is something, which was called as ‘Champu’ in the BC era – neither poetry nor prose, but both. ‘Panchatantra’ in its original form is believed to have been written in champu! The language of most of the holy books is poetic-prose.

It takes time to grow in wisdom. Wisdom helps understand the reality of vagueness. Buddha, the first ‘fuzzy-logist’, devoted his lifetime to understand vagueness. Truth is always hazy at its outer edges. This makes difficult for the eye of flesh to see it. One can see it clearly through the intuitive eye. Language is good at the physical level of communication; it is not a good float for going beyond. My thoughts started floating. ‘What can take you beyond?’ My mind made a whispering query…


The language of the mind or sense is ‘thoughts’. Thoughts can be understood. But when it comes to explanation it becomes difficult to depict them through language. What belongs to sense cannot easily be explainable through the language meant for physical communication.

Thoughts appear on the mental screen mostly in the form of images, pictures and patterns. Thoughts are speechless; they sometimes speak very softly, though. They do not have any particular ‘figure of language’. Their pattern is vague. We give them a definite pattern either by verbalizing or writing, using language. In this process thoughts lose the original quality. Thoughts depict more than one can explain through language! When we fail conveying something in words, mostly we say in defense, ‘I hope you understand what I mean?’ The ‘pattern of words’, what we call ‘language’, does not and cannot explain the thought in its original, exact and deepest form.

People of better expression can explain a thought better. Some people have a better thought but don’t have the power of expression. One should understand the difference between the ‘power of expression’ and the ‘powerful thought’. We don’t understand the difference and mostly we mistake the ‘power of expression’ as the ‘power of thought’. They are sharply distinct.

A good thought sometimes gets the physical mode of communication and creates the desired impact. But always it does not happen this way! A powerful thought when does not get the right ‘figure of words’ or the appropriate ‘pattern of language’ doesn’t cast the required impact. The language explains the only explainable part and not the whole. But the unexplainable or inexpressible is not untrue? A new wisdom dawned.

But spirits are not physical beings. How can they use language – the physical mode – while talking to Jasmine? The minor study that I made somehow didn’t match to the claims made by Jasmine. Only when the spirit or soul or ghost acquire the physical core, language can become their medium, not otherwise.

I proceeded, allowing my thoughts to manifest smoothly. That’s the advantage with the language of mind. It doesn’t exert. One needs to exert only when the subtle thoughts are put through hard language – the pattern of language!

Language, thoughts, then what next? My thoughts were now floating effortlessly.


The language of soul is ‘feeling’. The language of soul is most powerful but subtle. It depicts. It touches the heart. It touches the inner soul. It links the inner soul with the cosmic soul. Feelings can be sensitized. One can try to explain but true feelings are unexplainable. Feelings are beyond comprehension through ‘pattern of words’, what we call language.

Again there is a divine distinction between the ‘power of expression’ and ‘deepness of feelings’. Shakespeare can perhaps best explain the feelings of a broken heart of a lover than the lover himself. Why? Though the lover has directly experienced the pain in his heart, yet he may not be able to express his feelings as expressively as the poet who has acquired the ‘power of expression’ may.

Gradually the hazy edges started becoming finer.

Eureka! I got the link, direction and clarity. There are three modes of communication – language, thoughts and feelings. Language is the physical communication. ‘Thoughts’ is the language of the mind, and ‘feelings’ of the soul! Yet, one more – mathematics! Yes, mathematics is the language of physics. Mathematics being hardest mode the flow will form a sequence something like this. Mathematics, language (prose; poetry; champu), thoughts, feelings…

Words are finite. Soul is infinite. Finite cannot fully express the infinite. Likewise, the infinite will not take finite to communicate. Once again my intuitive wisdom went against what Jasmine had claimed in her email message to me.

The journey of our life is not mere physical. We are more a spiritual being. There is a huge search of the spirituality in the world today, more than ever in the past. Everyone is trying to find the path of spirituality. There is a phenomenal reawakening in the west today about spiritualism to heal the burns and psychological scars of materialism.

‘He who rules his spirit is greater than he, who rules ten cities,’ is a grand thought that adorns the Book of Proverbs – The Holy Bible, King James Version. This gives us a simple wisdom that ruling the subtle is greater than ruling the unsubtle. One may arouse the feelings through perfect use of words, but feelings touch the cardinal chord only when emotions chip in.

The corporate world is a small segment of the same cosmic breath that we breathe in and breathe out. Business world cannot standout as an alien to the cosmic principles.

Spirituality in business management is the new dawn. It is not the ‘false dawn’ as some people who suffer from myopia mistake. There is no way to reach dawn save through the darkness of night. We witnessed the cloudy dark night in the 20th century; we shall now see the new dawn in this 21st century.

‘Why Spirituality in Business Management?’ someone may ask! The management guru, Peter Drucker shows us a new dawn, “We are at the end of one period of building Modern Organisations, and at the beginning of a New Period.” The ‘Industrial Society’ transformed into ‘Information Society’ and then into a ‘Knowledge Society’. What is going to emerge with the next cockcrow is the ‘Wisdom Society’. The transformation shall take place with a much faster pace than in the past.

It is time to create a new environment for thought and feeling integrating the sense and the soul. Thoughts reside in the mind and the language of soul is feeling. The choice is not whether ‘sense’ or ‘soul’, the only choice is ‘sense and soul’.

Go beyond language – the physical mode of communication. Catch on the language of the mind and the soul to manage the show tomorrow. Once you develop faith in your heart, your eardrums will sensitize the faint whispers of your soul.

Soul talks to us softly…

…We don’t listen the ‘whispers’ for we lack sensitivity!


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